Driver Knowledge Test | Learners Licence New South Wales| P1 and P2 Learners Licenec Question and Answers

9. ♦ introduction - Upgrading your licence


Upgrading your licence:

To upgrade your licence to another class, you must:

• complete a Driver Licence Application/Renewal (form F3000) and produce your licence. You will be required to declare any suspensions, disqualifications or cancellations of your driver licence.

• provide evidence of identity and residence (if required).

•pass a written road rules test (if required). To pass the heavy vehicle test, you must answer eight out of ten questions correctly. For the motorcycle test, you must answer 27 out of 30 questions correctly.

• pay the driving test fee and pass the test (if required).


Minimum periods for licence classes

You must have held a provisional, probationary or open licence for a minimum period before you can upgrade to another licence class.

p1 licence upgrade