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5. ♦ INTRODUCTION - P1 provisional licence


P1 Povisional Licence

• You may only get a P1 licence if you are at least 17.

• If you are under 25, your first provisional licence will be issued as a P1 licence.

•Red P plates must be clearly displayed at the front and back of your car
(back only for motorcycles)

• You must always drive with a zero BAC.

• If you are under 25 additional mobile phone restrictions apply to you and your passengers.

• You must always carry your licence when you are driving. If you are waiting to receive your licence in the mail, you must carry your Driver Licence Receipt.

• If you are under 25 restrictions apply to driving high-powered vehicles (such as those with eight or more cylinders, or those with turbo, super-charged or modified engines).

• If you accumulate four or more demerit points in a continuous one year period you will be required to choose between a three month licence suspension or a one year good driving behaviour period.

• Peer passenger restrictions apply.

• Late night driving restrictions, prohibiting you from driving between 11pm and 5am, may apply if your licence is suspended or cancelled or you are serving a good driving behaviour period.

If you turn 25 when you are on your P1 licence, the peer passenger, highpowered vehicle and additional mobile phone restrictions no longer apply to you. You must continue to display red P plates, drive with a zero BAC and always carry your licence or Driver Licence Receipt.
You will be required to pass the hazard perception test before you can progress to a P2 provisional or open licence

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